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  • APh 114b 2010

  • APh 183b 2009

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    Current Courses :

    • Applied Physics 150 : Introduction to Nanophotonics (Spring 2013)
      APh 150 is an introductory survey of nanophotonics topics including Helmholtz and Maxwell equations, complex dielectric function, propagating and evanescent fields in complex dielectric media, frequency dispersion and dispersion relations, spatial dispersion, radiation from dipole and multipole sources, dipole-dipole interactions, optical response of metals and dielectrics, localized surface plasmons, energy localization and hot spots, surface plasmon polaritons, phonon polaritons, local electromagnetic fields near nanostructures, the local density of optical states, light propagation in periodic and resonant structures: cavities, photonic crystals, metamaterials and optical antennas; optical resolution, point-spread function; introductory quantum electrodynamics, Casimir effect, spontaneous emission, spontaneous scattering, Purcell effect; computational methods for nanophotonics: finite element integration, finite difference time domain, boundary element method, rigorous coupled wave analysis.

    Recent Courses :

    • Applied Physics 114b : Solid State Physics (Winter 2010)
      APh 114b is an introductory lecture and problem course dealing with experimental and theoretical problems in solid-state physics. Topics for the year include crystal structure, symmetries in solids, lattice vibrations, electronic states in solids, transport phenomena, semiconductors, superconductivity, magnetism, ferroelectricity, defects, and optical phenomena in solids. APh114b focuses on electronic and optical properties of solids.

    • Applied Physics 183b : Device Physics (Spring 2009)
      APh/EE 183b is an introduction to the fundamentals of modern electronic and optoelectronic devices. Topics include pn junctions, bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors, magnetic devices, light-emitting diodes, lasers, detectors, solar cells, chemical sensors, and MEMS. Emphasis will be placed on nanostructures and nanofabrication techniques. Where appropriate, integration and systems-level issues will be included.