Dagny Fleischman

Graduate Student



Dagny is a Materials Science PhD student interested in how light and matter interact to produce color. She is currently working with plasmonic metamaterials to develop narrow bandwidth high transmission color filters that can be integrated into state-of-the-art CMOS image sensors. Before joining the Atwater group, she completed her Master’s in Materials Science at The University of Pennsylvania by working to develop strain engineered silicon nanostructures for use as thermoelectric materials. When she is not directly engaging with science, Dagny is likely to be found doing acroyoga or enjoying a good microbrew.

Available Publications

Epitaxy: Programmable Atom Equivalents Versus Atoms

Mary X. Wang, Soyoung E. Seo, Paul A. Gabrys, Dagny Fleischman, Byeongdu Lee, Youngeun Kim, Harry A. Atwater, Robert J. Macfarlane, and Chad A. Mirkin
ACS Nano (2016) - Nanophotonic Materials and Devices Self Assembly