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  • Cora Went named Thomas Tombrello Scholar

    Atwater graduate student Cora Went was named a Thomas Tombrello Scholar and will be honored alongside other awardees at the Physics Year-End Celebration and Awards Banquet on May 31. Prof Tombrello was a Robert H. Goddard Professor of Physics and the Physics, Math and Astronomy Division Chair before he passed in 2014. The Thomas Tombrello Scholar […]

  • ETC Solar wins grand prize for the FLOW DOE Cleantech business plan competition and DOD award

    The FLOW DOE Cleantech competition serves as a regional gateway for entry into the DOE’s Cleantech national competition. ETC Solar (comprised of Thomas Russell, Staff Researcher in the Atwater group and Rebecca Saive, Assistant Professor at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and former Atwater postdoc and senior research scientist) was awarded the DOE grand prize of $50K […]

  • Michelle Sherrott wins Gold Award at Fall MRS in Boston

    Michelle Sherrott was a Gold Winner at the 2017 fall MRS meeting in Boston. A list of winners can be found here.

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