Erik Verlage

Graduate Student

Solar Fuels


Erik is currently working towards a doctoral degree in Materials Science. His research focuses on using high-efficiency III-V semiconductors for artificial photosynthesis, and surface protection of photoelectrochemical devices. Prior to joining the group, he conducted research at MIT and the University of Konstanz on diffusion of nickel in silicon for applications in earth-abundant photovoltaics.

Available Publications

CP as an Acid-Stable Active Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen-Evolution Reaction: Electrochecmical Synthesis, Interfacial Characterization and Performance Evaluation

Fadl H. Saadi, Azhar I. Carim, Erik Verlage, John C. Hemminger, Nathan S. Lewis, and Manuel P. Soriaga
The Journal of Physical Chemistry (2014) - Solar Fuels