Physics of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices (APh 183)

APh 183 focuses on fundamental device physics and performance aspects of basic and advanced semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices. Topics will include the Fermi energy, band-bending, carrier generation and recombination mechanisms, quasi-Fermi levels, carrier drift and diffusion transport, pn junctions, metal-semiconductor contacts, MOS field effect devices and quantum transport. Lectures will consist of two parts: i) exposition of device physics fundamentals and ii) “complements” to fundamental issues in the form of focused topically-oriented sketches of real-world semiconductor physics science issues, devices and technologies .


Although there are no formal prerequisites, familiarity with several subjects will be helpful.  If there is a need for it, we may organize background tutorials in some of these topics.  Solid state physics at the level of APh 114b will be helpful.  In APh 114b, we focused on semiconductor electronic band structure, carrier transport properties, and optoelectronic properties relevant to semiconductor device physics, but didn’t do any device physics, per se. Quantum mechanics at the level of Physics 125 or equivalent, and some statistical physics may also be helpful as background.

Current students can access class materials, including lecture notes, homework assignments and reading materials on Caltech’s course management site, Moodle.

For any questions regarding the class (i.e.: mailing lists, T.A. hours, Moodle access), please contact Tiffany Kimoto or the class T.A.s.