Dr. David Needell

Alumni - Academic Postdocs


David Needell received his Ph.D. in Materials Science in the fall of 2021, developing computational techniques and exploring novel application areas for luminescent solar concentrator photovoltaic devices. Becoming infatuated by the thermodynamic limits of light-matter interaction within such devices, David transitioned to more fundamental research questions in photonics — joining Professor Xiaoyang Zhu’s group at Columbia University as a Postdoctoral Fellow investigating photon to magnon (spin-wave) transduction in emerging two-dimensional antiferromagnetic materials. Outside of the lab, David loves backpacking various thru-hikes, banging away at the drums in several rock groups, and doting on his adorably orange cat.

Available Publications

Amorphous silicon carbide high contrast gratings as highly efficient spectrally selective visible reflectors

Haley C. Bauser, Morgan D. Foley, Megan E. Phelan, William Weigand, David R. Needell, Zachary C. Holman, and Harry A. Atwater
Optica Publishing Group. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.6034724.v2 (2022)

Role of Atomic Structure on Exciton Dynamics and Photoluminescence in NIR Emissive InAs/InP/ZnSe Quantum Dots

Michael J. Enright, Dipti Jasrasaria, Mathilde M. Hanchard, David R. Needell, Megan E. Phelan, Daniel Weinberg, Brinn E. McDowell, Haw-Wen Hsiao, Hamidreza Akbari, Matthew Kottwitz, Maggie M. Potter, Joeson Wong, Jian-Min Zuo, Harry A. Atwater, Eran Rabani, and Ralph G. Nuzzo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2022, 126, 7576−7587 (2022)

Silicon Heterojunction Microcells

Maggie M. Potter, Megan E. Phelan, Pradeep Balaji, Phillip Jahelka, Haley C. Bauser, Rebecca D. Glaudell, Cora M. Went, Michael J. Enright, David R. Needell, André Augusto, Harry A. Atwater, and Ralph G. Nuzzo
(2021) - Photovoltaics

AlSb as a material for high index contrast nanophotonics

Haley C Bauser, David R. Needell, and Harry A. Atwater
Optical Materials Express (2021) - Nanophotonics

Solar power windows: Connecting scientific advances to market signals

David R. Needell, Megan E. Phelan, Jason T. Hartlove, Harry A. Atwater
Energy 219 (2021) 119567 (2021) - Photovoltaics