Professor Deep Jariwala

Alumni - Academic Faculty

Photovoltaics, Plasmonics

Dr. Jariwala joined the Atwater group as a Resnick Postdoctoral Fellow in 2015. Prior to joining the Atwater group, Deep obtained his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University where the focus of his research was investigation of opto-electronic properties and electronic circuit applications of heterostructure devices from two-dimensional (2D) materials. At Caltech, his major interests lie in developing nanophotonic architectures to enhance light absorption in 2D semiconductors and ultimate explore the efficiency limits in ultrathin photovoltaic cells comprising 2D materials. In 2017, Dr. Jariwala was named one of Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” to watch in the field of science. Dr. Jariwala is now assistant professor at the University of Pennsylania.

Available Publications

Anisotropic Quantum Well Electro-Optics in Few-Layer Black Phosphorus

Michelle C. Sherrott, William S. Whitney, Deep Jariwala, Souvik Biswas, Cora M. Went, Joeson Wong, George R. Rossman, and Harry A. Atwater
Nano Letters (2019) - 2D Materials

Materials challenges for the Starshot lightsail

Harry A. Atwater, Artur R. Davoyan, Ognjen Ilic, Deep Jariwala, Michelle C. Sherrott,
Cora M. Went, William S. Whitney and Joeson Wong
Nature Materials (2018) - Starshot

Nanoscale doping heterogeneity in few-layer WSe2 exfoliated onto noble metals revealed by correlated SPM and TERS imaging

Deep Jariwala, Andrey Krayev, Joeson Wong, A Edward Robinson, Michelle C Sherrott, Shuo Wang, Gang-Yu Liu, Mauricio Terrones, and Harry A Atwater
2D Materials (2018) - 2D Materials

High Photovoltaic Quantum Efficiency in Ultrathin van der Waals Heterostructures

Joeson Wong, Deep Jariwala, Giulia Tagliabue, Kevin Tat, Artur R. Davoyan, Michelle C. Sherrott, and Harry A. Atwater
ACS Nano (2017) - Photovoltaics

Atomic-Scale Structural and Chemical Characterization of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Layers Synthesized at the Wafer-Scale with Monolayer Thickness Control

Wei-Hsiang Lin, Victor W. Brar, Deep Jariwala, Michelle C. Sherrott, Wei-Shiuan Tseng, Chih-I Wu, Nai-Chang Yeh, and Harry A. Atwater
Chemistry of Materials (2017) - Nanophotonic Materials and Devices