Dr. Gregory Kimball

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector


Dr. Kimball received his PhD in Chemistry in 2011. He is currently a Senior Performance Engineer at SunPower Corporation.

Available Publications

Pseudomorphic Growth and Strain Relaxation of α-Zn3P2 on GaAs(001) by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Jeffrey P. Bosco, Gregory M. Kimball, Nathan S. Lewis, Harry A. Atwater
Journal of Crystal Growth (2013) - Metamaterials Photovoltaics

Band Alignment of Epitaxial ZnS/Zn3P2 Heterojunctions

Jeffrey P Bosco, Steven B Demers, Gregory M Kimball, Nathan S Lewis, Harry A Atwater
Journal of Applied Physics (2012) - Photovoltaics

Passivation of Zn3P2 Substrates by Aqueous Chemical Etching and Air Oxidation

Gregory M Kimball, Jeffrey P Bosco, Astrid M Müller, Syed F Tajdar, Bruce S Brunschwig, Harry A Atwater, Nathan S Lewis
Journal of Applied Physics (2012) - Photovoltaics

Wafer‐Scale Strain Engineering of Ultrathin Semiconductor Crystalline Layers

Marina S Leite, Emily C Warmann, Gregory M Kimball, Stanley P Burgos, Dennis M Callahan, Harry A Atwater
Advanced Materials (2011) - Photovoltaics

820 mV Open-Circuit Voltages From Cu 2 O/CH 3 CN Junctions

Chengxiang Xiang, Gregory M Kimball, Ronald L Grimm, Bruce S Brunschwig, Harry A Atwater, Nathan S Lewis
Energy & Environmental Science (2011) - Photovoltaics