Dr. Kenneth Diest

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector

Dr. Diest received his PhD in Materials Science in 2009. He is a Senior Engineer at Apple.

Available Publications

Unity-order index change in transparent conducting oxides at visible frequencies

Eyal Feigenbaum, Kenneth Diest, Harry A Atwater
Nano Letters (2010) - Photovoltaics

Active plasmonic devices and optical metamaterials

Koray Aydin, Stanley Burgos, Imogen M Pryce, Matthew J Dicken, Jennifer A Dionne, Kenneth Diest, Rene de Waele, Albert Polman, Harry A Atwater
IEEE (2009) - Plasmonics

Advanced silicon processing for active planar photonic devices

Michael Shearn, Kenneth Diest, Xiankai Sun, Avi Zadok, Harry Atwater, Amnon Yariv, Axel Scherer
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B (2009) - Photovoltaics

Tunable Color Filters Based on Metal− Insulator− Metal Resonators

Kenneth Diest, Jennifer A Dionne, Merrielle Spain, Harry A Atwater
Nano Letters (2009) - Plasmonics

Electrically pumped hybrid evanescent Si/InGaAsP lasers

Xiankai Sun, Avi Zadok, Michael J Shearn, Kenneth A Diest, Alireza Ghaffari, Harry A Atwater, Axel Scherer, Amnon Yariv
Optics Letters (2009) - Photovoltaics