Dr. Michael Kelzenberg

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Kelzenberg is a senior research scientist with the Atwater Group.

Available Publications

A flexible phased array system with low areal mass density

Mohammed Reza M. Hashemi, Austin C. Fikes, Matan Gal-Katziri, Behrooz Abiri, Florian Bohn, Amirreza Safaripour, Michael D. Kelzenberg, Emily L. Warmann,
Pilar Espinet, Nina Vaidya, Eleftherios E. Gdoutos, Christophe Leclerc, Fabien Royer, Sergio Pellegrino, Harry A. Atwater and Ali Hajimiri
Nature Electronics (2019)

Wafer-Scale Growth of Silicon Microwire Arrays for Photovoltaics and Solar Fuel Generation

Adele C Tamboli, Christopher T Chen, Emily L Warren, Daniel B Turner-Evans, Michael D Kelzenberg, Nathan S Lewis, Harry A Atwater
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2012) - Micro- and Nanowires Photovoltaics

Photoanodic Behavior of Vapor-Liquid-Solid–Grown, Lightly Doped, Crystalline Si Microwire Arrays

Elizabeth A Santori, James R Maiolo III, Matthew J Bierman, Nicholas C Strandwitz, Michael D Kelzenberg, Bruce S Brunschwig, Harry A Atwater, Nathan S Lewis
Energy & Environmental Science (2012) - Micro- and Nanowires

Optoelectronic Design of Multijunction Wire-Array Solar Cells

Daniel B Turner-Evans, Michael D Kelzenberg, Chris T Chen, Emily C Warmann, Adele C Tamboli, Harry A Atwater
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2011 37th IEEE (2011) - Micro- and Nanowires

Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Using Si Microwire Arrays

Shannon W Boettcher, Emily L Warren, Morgan C Putnam, Elizabeth A Santori, Daniel Turner-Evans, Michael D Kelzenberg, Michael G Walter, James R McKone, Bruce S Brunschwig, Harry A Atwater, Nathan S Lewis
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2011) - Micro- and Nanowires