Dr. Rene de Waele

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector

Dr. Waele received his PhD in Physics in 2008. He is a Technical Lead Engineer at Portbase in Rotterdam, Senior Software Engineer at ANWB and Founder of Architectonics.

Available Publications

A single-layer wide-angle negative-index metamaterial at visible frequencies

Stanley P Burgos, Rene de Waele, Albert Polman, Harry A Atwater
Nature Materials (2010) - Metamaterials

Negative refractive index in coaxial plasmon waveguides

René de Waele, Stanley P Burgos, Harry A Atwater, Albert Polman
Optics Express (2010) - Plasmonics

Active plasmonic devices and optical metamaterials

Koray Aydin, Stanley Burgos, Imogen M Pryce, Matthew J Dicken, Jennifer A Dionne, Kenneth Diest, Rene de Waele, Albert Polman, Harry A Atwater
IEEE (2009) - Plasmonics

Plasmon dispersion in coaxial waveguides from single-cavity optical transmission measurements

René De Waele, Stanley P Burgos, Albert Polman, Harry A Atwater
Nano Letters (2009) - Plasmonics