Dr. Ryan Briggs

Visitor / Collaborator

Dr. Briggs is currently working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a microdevices engineer and holds a Visitor appointment at Caltech with the Atwater Group. He received his PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech in the spring of 2011 where he worked on photonic semiconductor device design, fabrication, and testing with the Atwater Group

Available Publications

Synthesis and Characterization of Plasmonic Resonant Guided Wave Networks

Stanley P. Burgos, Ho W. Lee, Eyal Feigenbaum, Ryan M. Briggs, and Harry A. Atwater
Nano Letters (2014) - Plasmonics

Efficient Coupler Between Silicon Photonic and Metal-Insulator-Silicon-Metal Plasmonic Waveguides

Alexandros Emboras, RM Briggs, A Najar, S Nambiar, Cécile Delacour, Ph Grosse, E Augendre, JM Fedeli, B De Salvo, HA Atwater, R Espiau de Lamaestre
Applied Physics Letters (2012) - Metamaterials Plasmonics

Characterization of the Tunable Response of Highly Strained Compliant Optical Metamaterials

Imogen M Pryce, Koray Aydin, Yousif A Kelaita, Ryan M Briggs, Harry A Atwater
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences (2011) - Metamaterials

Broadband Polarization-Independent Resonant Light Absorption Using Ultrathin Plasmonic Super Absorbers

Koray Aydin, Vivian E Ferry, Ryan M Briggs, Harry A Atwater
Nature Communications (2011) - Plasmonics

High-Performance Si Microwire Photovoltaics

Michael D Kelzenberg, Daniel B Turner-Evans, Morgan C Putnam, Shannon W Boettcher, Ryan M Briggs, Jae Yeon Baek, Nathan S Lewis, Harry A Atwater
Energy & Environmental Science (2011) - Photovoltaics