Dr. Seokmin Jeon

Alumni - Research and National Labs

Dr. Jeon received his PhD in Chemistry in 2013. He is now on a National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

Available Publications

Probing Surface Chemistry at an Atomic Level: Decomposition of 1‐Propanethiol on GaP(001) (2 × 4) Investigated by STM, XPS, and DFT

Seokmin Jeon, Minho Kim, Peter W. Doak, Harry A. Atwater, and Hyungjun Kim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry (2019)

Growth Mechanism and Electronic Structure of Zn3P2 on the Ga-rich GaAs(001) Surface

Seokmin Jeon, Jeffrey P. Bosco, Samantha S. Wilson, Steven J. Rozeveld, Hyungjun Kim, and Harry A. Atwater
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. (2014) - Metamaterials Photovoltaics

DFT Study of Water Adsorption and Decomposition on a Ga-Rich GaP (001)(2× 4) Surface

Seokmin Jeon, Hyungjun Kim, William A Goddard III, Harry A Atwater
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2012) - Metamaterials Photovoltaics