Dr. Ghazaleh Kafaie Shirmanesh

Alumni - Education and Research Administration



Ghazaleh earned her Ph.D. in August 2020. She is currently working as a postdoctoral scholar at JPL.

Available Publications

Near-Infrared Active Metasurface for Dynamic Polarization Conversion

Pin Chieh Wu, Ruzan Sokhoyan, Ghazaleh Kafaie Shirmanesh, Wen-Hui Cheng, and Harry A. Atwater
Advanced Optical Materials (2021) - Metasurfaces

Toward high laser power beam manipulation with nanophotonic materials: evaluating thin film damage performance

T.U. Tumkur, R. Sokhoyan, M.P. Su, A. Ceballos-Sanchez, G. Kafaie Shirmanesh, Y. Kim, H.A. Atwater, E. Feignbaum, and S. Elhadj
Optics Express (2021) - Nanophotonic Materials and Devices Nanophotonics

Array-Level Inverse Design of Beam Steering Active Metasurfaces

Prachi Thureja, Ghazaleh Kafaie Shirmanesh, Katherine T. Fountaine, Ruzan Sokhoyan, Meir Grajower, and Harry A. Atwater
ACS Nano (2020) - Metasurfaces

Electro-optically Tunable Multifunctional Metasurfaces

Ghazaleh Kafaie Shirmanesh, Ruzan Sokhoyan, Pin Chieh Wu, and Harry A. Atwater
ACS Nano 2020, 14, 6912−6920 (2020) - Metasurfaces

Dynamic beam steering with all-dielectric electrooptic III–V multiple-quantum-well metasurfaces

Pin Chieh Wu, Ragip A. Pala, Ghazaleh Kafaie Shirmanesh, Wen-Hui Cheng, Ruzan Sokhoyan, Meir Grajower, Muhammad Z. Alam, Duhyun Lee & Harry A. Atwater
(2019) - Metasurfaces