Professor Jennifer Dionne

Alumni - Academic Faculty

Dr. Dionne is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

Available Publications

Silicon-based plasmonics for on-chip photonics

Jennifer A Dionne, Luke A Sweatlock, Matthew T Sheldon, A Paul Alivisatos, Harry A Atwater
Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2010) - Plasmonics

Active plasmonic devices and optical metamaterials

Koray Aydin, Stanley Burgos, Imogen M Pryce, Matthew J Dicken, Jennifer A Dionne, Kenneth Diest, Rene de Waele, Albert Polman, Harry A Atwater
IEEE (2009) - Plasmonics

Tunable Color Filters Based on Metal− Insulator− Metal Resonators

Kenneth Diest, Jennifer A Dionne, Merrielle Spain, Harry A Atwater
Nano Letters (2009) - Plasmonics

near-field visualization of strongly confined surface plasmon polaritons in metal− insulator− metal waveguides

Ewold Verhagen, Jennifer A Dionne, L Kuipers, Harry A Atwater, Albert Polman
Nano Letters (2008) - Plasmonics

Silver diffusion bonding and layer transfer of lithium niobate to silicon

Kenneth Diest, Melissa J Archer, Jennifer A Dionne, Young-Bae Park, Matthew J Czubakowski, Harry A Atwater
Applied Physics Letters (2008) - Photovoltaics