Professor Mark Brongersma

Alumni - Academic Faculty

Dr. Brongersma is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. He was a postdoc in the Atwater group from 1998-2001.

Available Publications

Probing the Band Structure of Topological Silicon Photonic Lattices in the Visible Spectrum

Siying Peng (彭斯颖), Nick J. Schilder, Xiang Ni, Jorik van de Groep, Mark L. Brongersma, Andrea Alù,
Alexander B. Khanikaev, Harry A. Atwater, and Albert Polman
Physical Review Letters (2019)

Broadband enhancement of light emission in silicon slot waveguides

Young Chul Jun, Ryan M Briggs, Harry A Atwater, Mark L Brongersma
Optics Express (2009) - Photovoltaics