Professor Rengui Li

Dr. Rengui Li received his B.S. degree from Xiamen University in 2009, and PhD degree from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Can Li. In 2011, He worked as a visiting research associate in Prof. K. Domen’s group at the University of Tokyo for 3 months. In 2014, he began to work at State Key Laboratory of Catalysis in DICP as an associate Professor. From 2017, he was promoted as group leader of Mocro/Nano Photo(electro)catalyst and Photocatalysis Research Group in Solar Energy Division of Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy (DNL). Since 2018, he was promoted as a full professor at DICP.

His research interest is mainly focused on the photocatalytic solar energy conversion. He has published more than 20 scientific papers on Nature Commun., Energy Environ. Sci., Adv. Energy Mater. etc. with more than 1800 citations. Dr. Rengui Li won some awards, e.g. Young Scientist Prize at International Congress on Catalysis in 2016, Rising Star in Catalysis of China in 2017.

Available Publications

Unassisted Highly Selective Gas-Phase CO2 Reduction with a Plasmonic Au/p-GaN Photocatalyst Using H2O as an Electron Donor

Rengui Li, Wen-Hui Cheng, Matthias H. Richter, Joseph S. DuChene, Wenming Tian, Can Li, and Harry A. Atwater
ACS Energy Lett. 2021, 6, 1849−1856 (2021)