Dr. Siying Peng

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Micro- and Nanowires


Available Publications

Dispersion Mapping in 3‑Dimensional Core−Shell Photonic Crystal Lattices Capable of Negative Refraction in the Mid-Infrared

Victoria F. Chernow, Ryan C. Ng, Siying Peng, Harry A. Atwater, and Julia R. Greer
Nano Letters (2022)

Probing the Band Structure of Topological Silicon Photonic Lattices in the Visible Spectrum

Siying Peng (彭斯颖), Nick J. Schilder, Xiang Ni, Jorik van de Groep, Mark L. Brongersma, Andrea Alù,
Alexander B. Khanikaev, Harry A. Atwater, and Albert Polman
Physical Review Letters (2019)

Three-Dimensional Single Gyroid Photonic Crystals with a Mid-Infrared Bandgap

Siying Peng, Runyu Zhang, Valerian H. Chen, Emil T. Khabiboulline, Paul Braun, and Harry A. Atwater
ACS Photonics (2016) - Photovoltaics

Ultraviolet surface plasmon-mediated low temperature hydrazine decomposition

Siying Peng, Matthew T. Sheldon, Wei-Guang Liu, Andres Jaramillo-Botero, William Andrew Goddard III, and Harry A. Atwater
Applied Physics Letters (2015) - Plasmonics