Dr. Wen Hui (Sophia) Cheng

Alumni - Research and National Labs

Wen-Hui (Sophia) Cheng received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, and pursed her Ph.D. from Caltech, all in Materials Science. During her Ph.D. research under the guidance of Prof. Harry Atwater, she focused on mesoscale design of photoelectrochemical fuel cells as part of the Joint Center of Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP). She is currently a TomKat Postdoctoral Fellow mentored by Prof. Jen Dionne at Stanford University.

Available Publications

Band Edge Tailoring in Few-Layer Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Sulfide/Selenide Alloys

Yi-Rung Lin, Wen-Hui Cheng, Matthias H. Richter, Joseph S. DuChene, Elizabeth A. Peterson, Cora M. Went, Zakaria Y. Al Balushi, Deep Jariwala, Jeffrey B. Neaton, Li-Chyong Chen, and Harry A. Atwater
The Journal of Physical Chemistry (2020) - 2D Materials

A direct coupled electrochemical system for capture and conversion of CO2 from oceanwater

Ibadillah A. Digdaya, Ian Sullivan, Meng Lin, Lihao Han, Wen-Hui Cheng, Harry A. Atwater & Chengxiang Xiang
Nature Communications (2020)

Ultrafast hot-hole injection modifies hot-electron dynamics in Au/p-GaN heterostructures

Giulia Tagliabue, Joseph S. DuChene, Mohamed Abdellah, Adela Habib, David J. Gosztola, Yocefu Hattori, Wen-Hui Cheng, Kaibo Zheng, Sophie E. Canton, Ravishankar Sundararaman, Jacinto Sá, and Harry A. Atwater
Nature Materials (2020) - Nanophotonic Materials and Devices Nanophotonics Photocatalysis

Optical Excitation of a Nanoparticle Cu/p-NiO Photocathode Improves Reaction Selectivity for CO2 Reduction in Aqueous Electrolytes

Joseph S. DuChene, Giulia Tagliabue, Alex J. Welch, Xueqian Li, Wen-Hui Cheng, and Harry A. Atwater
Nano Letters (2020)

High Broadband Light Transmission for Solar Fuels Production Using Dielectric Optical Waveguides in TiO2 Nanocone Arrays

Sisir Yalamanchili, Erik Verlage, Wen-Hui Cheng, Katherine T. Fountaine, Philip R. Jahelka, Paul A. Kempler, Rebecca Saive, Nathan S. Lewis, and Harry A. Atwater
Nano Letters (2020) - Nanophotonics Photovoltaics