Dr. Yulia Tolstova

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector



Dr. Tolstova received her PhD in Materials Science in 2016. She is now an Engineer at Intel Corporation.

Available Publications

Enhancing the Power Output of Bifacial Solar Modules by Applying Effectively Transparent Contacts (ETCs) With Light Trapping

Rebecca Saive, Thomas C. R. Russell, and Harry A. Atwater
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2018) - Photovoltaics

Effects of surface condition on the work function and valenceband position of ZnSnN2

Amanda M. Shing, Yulia Tolstova, Nathan S. Lewis and Harry A. Atwater
Applied Physics A (2017)

The Influence of Spectral Albedo on Bifacial Solar Cells: A Theoretical and Experimental Study

Thomas C. R. Russell, Rebecca Saive, Andr´e Augusto, Stuart G. Bowden, and Harry A. Atwater
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2017) - Photovoltaics

Polycrystalline Cu2O photovoltaic devices incorporating Zn(O,S) window layers

Yulia Tolstova, Stefan T. Omelchenko, Raymond E. Blackwell, Amanda M. Shing, Harry A. Atwater
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2016) - Photovoltaics

Electronically Tunable Extraordinary Optical Transmission in Graphene Plasmonic Ribbons Coupled to Subwavelength Metallic Slit Arrays

Seyoon Kim, Min Seok Jang, Victor W. Brar, Yulia Tolstova, Kelly W. Mauser, and Harry A. Atwater
Nature Communications (2016) - Plasmonics