Dr. Daniel Turner-Evans

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector

Dr. Evans is a postdoctoral researcher in the Jayaraman Lab at Janelia Farm in Virginia.

Available Publications

Cu-Catalyzed Vapor−Liquid−Solid Growth of SiGe Microwire Arrays with Chlorosilane and Chlorogermane Precursors

Christopher T. Chen, Hal S. Emmer, Shaul Aloni, Daniel B. Turner-Evans, and Harry A. Atwater
Crystal Growth & Design (2015) - Micro- and Nanowires

Flexible, Transparent Contacts for Inorganic Nanostructures and Thin Films

Daniel B. Turner-Evans , Hal Emmer , Christopher T. Chen , and Harry A. Atwater
Advanced Materials (2013) - Micro- and Nanowires Photovoltaics

Optoelectronic Analysis of Multijunction Wire Array Solar Cells

Daniel B. Turner-Evans, Christopher T. Chen, Hal Emmer, William E. McMahon, and Harry A. Atwater
J. Appl Phys (2013) - Micro- and Nanowires

Wafer-Scale Growth of Silicon Microwire Arrays for Photovoltaics and Solar Fuel Generation

Adele C Tamboli, Christopher T Chen, Emily L Warren, Daniel B Turner-Evans, Michael D Kelzenberg, Nathan S Lewis, Harry A Atwater
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2012) - Micro- and Nanowires Photovoltaics

Photoelectrochemical Behavior of Planar and Microwire‐Array Si| GaP Electrodes

Nicholas C Strandwitz, Daniel B Turner‐Evans, Adele C Tamboli, Christopher T Chen, Harry A Atwater, Nathan S Lewis
Advanced Energy Materials (2012) - Metamaterials Photovoltaics