Dr. Gerald Miller

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector

Dr. Miller received his PhD in Applied Physics in 2013. He is currently a Laser Design Engineer at Rockley Photonics Inc. in Los Angeles.

Available Publications

Achieving Optical Gain in Waveguide-confined Nanocluster-sensitized Erbium by Pulsed Excitation

Gerald M. Miller, Ryan M. Briggs, and Harry A. Atwater
Journal of Applied Physics (2010) - Photovoltaics Plasmonics

Modifying the Radiative Quantum Efficiency of Erbium-Doped Glass in Silicon Slot Waveguides

Ryan M. Briggs, Gerald M. Miller, and Harry A. Atwater
Proceedings from the 6th IEEE Conf. on Group IV Photonics (2009) - Plasmonics