Dr. Melissa Archer

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector


Dr. Archer received her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2008. She is currently Senior Director of Technology at Alta Devices.

Available Publications

Future technology pathways of terrestrial III–V multijunction solar cells for concentrator photovoltaic systems

Daniel C Law, RR King, H Yoon, MJ Archer, A Boca, CM Fetzer, S Mesropian, T Isshiki, M Haddad, KM Edmondson, D Bhusari, J Yen, RA Sherif, HA Atwater, NH Karam
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2010) - Photovoltaics

Silver diffusion bonding and layer transfer of lithium niobate to silicon

Kenneth Diest, Melissa J Archer, Jennifer A Dionne, Young-Bae Park, Matthew J Czubakowski, Harry A Atwater
Applied Physics Letters (2008) - Photovoltaics