Dr. Pierpaolo Spinelli

Dr. Spinelli is a Solar Energy Researcher at Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN).

Available Publications

Nanophotonic Design Principles for Ultrahigh Efficiency Photovoltaics

Harry Atwater, Albert Polman, Emily Kosten, Dennis Callahan, Pierpaolo Spinelli, Carissa Eisler, Matthew Escarra, Emily Warmann, and Cristofer Flowers
AIP Conference Proceedings (2013) - Photovoltaics

Plasmonic Light Trapping in Thin-Film Si Solar Cells

P Spinelli, VE Ferry, J Van de Groep, M Van Lare, MA Verschuuren, REI Schropp, HA Atwater, A Polman
Journal of Optics (2012) - Plasmonics

Microphotonic Parabolic Light Directors Fabricated byTwo-Photon Lithography

Jackson H Atwater, Paolo Spinelli, E Kosten, J Parsons, C Van Lare, J Van de Groep, J Garcia De Abajo, Albert Polman, Harry A Atwater
Applied Physics Letters (2011) - Photovoltaics