Dr. Jeffrey Bosco

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector


Dr. Bosco received his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2015. He is currently a Reliability Engineer at Apple.

Available Publications

Quantum Coherence Preservation in Extremely Dispersive Plasmonic Media

Yury S. Tokpanov, James S. Fakonas, Benjamin Vest, and Harry A. Atwater
PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 12, 044037 (2019) (2019) - Plasmonics

Growth Mechanism and Electronic Structure of Zn3P2 on the Ga-rich GaAs(001) Surface

Seokmin Jeon, Jeffrey P. Bosco, Samantha S. Wilson, Steven J. Rozeveld, Hyungjun Kim, and Harry A. Atwater
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. (2014) - Metamaterials Photovoltaics

Pseudomorphic Growth and Strain Relaxation of α-Zn3P2 on GaAs(001) by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Jeffrey P. Bosco, Gregory M. Kimball, Nathan S. Lewis, Harry A. Atwater
Journal of Crystal Growth (2013) - Metamaterials Photovoltaics

Energy-band Alignment of II-VI/Zn3P2 Heterojunctions from X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy

Jeffrey P. Bosco, David O. Scanlon, Graeme W. Watson, Nathan S. Lewis, and Harry A. Atwater
J. Appl Phys (2013)

Accounting for Localized Defects in the Optoelectronic Design of Thin-Film Solar Cells

Michael G. Deceglie, Vivian E. Ferry, A. Paul Alivisatos, and Harry A. Atwater
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2013) - Photovoltaics