Dr. Jim Fakonas

Alumni - Industry and Private Sector


Dr. Fakonas received his PhD in Applied Physics in 2015. He is currently working as a Software Developer for OSIsoft, LLC.

Available Publications

Path entanglement of surface plasmons

James S Fakonas, Anna Mitskovets, and HarryAAtwater
New Journal of Physics (2015) - Plasmonics

Two-Plasmon Quantum Interference

James S. Fakonas, Hyunseok Lee, Yousif A. Kelaita, and Harry A. Atwater
Nature Photonics (2014) - Plasmonics

Epitaxial Growth of DNA-Assembled Nanoparticle Superlattices on Patterned Substrates

Sondra L Hellstrom, Youngeun Kim, James S Fakonas, Andrew J Senesi, Robert J Macfarlane, Chad A Mirkin, Harry A Atwater
American Chemical Society (2013) - Nanowire

Metal–Polymer–Metal Split-Dipole Nanoantennas

Deirdre M. O'Carroll, James S. Fakonas, Dennis M. Callahan, Martin Schierhorn, Harry. A. Atwater
Advanced Materials (2012) - Metamaterials

Metal–Polymer–Metal Split‐Dipole Nanoantennas

Deirdre M O'Carroll, James S Fakonas, Dennis M Callahan, Martin Schierhorn, Harry A Atwater
Advanced Materials (2012) - Micro- and Nanowires